Life in Ms Llewellyn’s Class – October

Third Classes have had a busy first term. We have been getting used to team teaching in Maths where the teachers are working with our groups on our Mental Maths Strategies

We also have been doing some investigating in Science. We loved learning about our Skeleton, muscles and our hair and skin. We even did an experiment on chicken bones in vinegar to take away the calcium!

Our class is definitely getting more confident in their Oral English work getting opportunities to speak and present on topics in front of the class.

Our class has really put in great efforts at our Artwork this year and have some amazing artists in out midst.

Special mention to our Smoothie expert Grace who invites a person from her pod to make a smoothie in the kitchen on Fridays…. They are yummy!!

We enjoyed our first term and now Autumn is nearly at an end. We were lucky to get to do some nature walks in our school garden.