Report Writing Projects in Ms. Ward’s Class

Ms. Ward’s 3rd Class worked collaboratively in groups to complete their Report Writing Projects on both Arctic and Antarctic Animals. Three groups researched Polar Bears and three groups researched Emperor Penguins. Over a number of weeks, they researched facts and information on their class iPads, from library books and from children’s own books that they brought in from home. They then collated all this information into the genre framework of report writing – classification, description and summary.

During the project, the children developed a range of skills including literacy (oral, reading and writing), research, organisational, creative, listening, teamwork and IT skills.

The compilation of these projects integrated with a number of other subjects in the Primary School Curriculum, including Geography, Science, SPHE, Maths and Visual Arts.

The children actively engaged and became heavily invested in their projects, which was evident in the excellent projects they compiled and created.

Maith sibh!!