BEE Kind!

Join us in celebrating BEE Kind Day here in Youghal on Wednesday, 15th of February. BEE Kind Day is a community kindness initiative that we are organising as part of our Junior Entrepreneur project. The Junior Entrepreneur Programme helps primary school children to develop important life skills and social skills while working together to design and produce a unique product.


The aim of our BEE Kind initiative is to promote community kindness, raise funds for Cork Penny Dinners and become successful entrepreneurs of course.


We have created a special mascot called Benny Bee. Benny will help us to spread kindness throughout the town of Youghal on February 15th. As part of our project, we have created 2 bespoke products!


BEE Kind Badge

A specially designed and printed BEE Kind badge (featuring Benny BEE) will be available to buy at a cost of €2.

BEE Kind Card Pack

A pack of 5 cards & envelopes featuring our own drawings of favourite places in Youghal will also be available to buy at a cost of €6 per pack or 2 packs for €10.

We are going to donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of both products to Cork Penny Dinners to support the wonderful work that they do.

Badges and cards will be on sale in Brookes SuperValu Youghal on Friday 3rd February, in Lidl on Saturday 4th of February, at the Bunscoil Mhuire Coffee Morning on Friday 10th of February and in Tesco on Saturday 11th of February. Packs of cards will also be available to buy in Read & Write and Youghal Credit Union.

We would love to see local businesses and organisations participate in the BEE Kind initiative by buying sets of badges for their staff/ organising a kindness day activity/ raffle/ promotion.

A huge and heartfelt thank you to our wonderful sponsors Youghal Credit Union, Brookes SuperValu, Perks, Lidl, Boardwalk Coffee and Flanagan Print.


Remember, being kind isn’t hard. One small act of kindness can change a person’s entire day. What can you do to BEE kind on February 15th?