Happy Days

‘Happy Days Playschool Montessori’ is located in Bunscoil Mhuire, Youghal. It is conveniently located and fully equipped with modern facilities in a bright space. The playschool has suitable equipment both small and large, indoor and outdoor to allow children to develop both gross and fine motor skills, physical control, mobility and coordination.

Children have access to a wide range of equipment and facilities both in the playschool and primary school itself such as the sensory rainbow room, hall, yards and gardens.

‘Happy Days’ operates under the ECCE scheme and children can also apply for the AIM (Access and Inclusion Model) under the scheme if needed.

The playschool has a maximum capacity of 22 children per session and has three staff, Josephine, Kathy and Ciara. Both morning and afternoon sessions operate on various days.

Children who attend ‘Happy Days’ get the best start and advantage before they start primary school in Bunscoil Mhuire as they are familiar with the school and people as well as having access to the excellent facilities of the school for their two free ECCE years.

Should you wish to contact us for further information please do not hesitate to call Josephine on 086-1682110. Thank you.

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