Parents: Useful Things To Know

Starting school can be a daunting experience sometimes and we aim to make this journey from playschool to “BIG” school as happy as possible. We always begin by inviting in all the parents of our new pupils to come and meet with us. At this talk we like to give a quick presentation to show you what our school is all about and what you and your child can expect from their school experience with us. We welcome all your questions and will do our utmost to answer all your queries.
After we have met with you, the parents, we will then invite you to bring in your child on a subsequent day. Here we will meet them in small groups, usually with their peers from their playgroup. Being surrounded by familiar faces in a new environment will help, we hope, puts your child at ease. Your child will then be invited to visit one of our Junior Infant classroom where they will be given an opportunity to play, colour and interact with their friends. The aim of this is to provide your child with a positive experience of school and to familiarise themselves with this new environment, resulting in an easy transition in September. It will also give us, the teachers, an opportunity to meet with each child and get to know them a little bit.

Starting School Booklet

To further ease your child’s transition to “BIG” school we have put together a little booklet full of tips and useful information.

Starting School Booklet 2019

Enrolment Form

Enrolment Form

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